My camera keeps ringing – massive prize competition

Horseguards,Parade,changing,guard,Galaxy S2,Timico,competitionI had a full day of meetings in London on Wednesday. At 2.30pm I finished one and I needed to be in Westminster for the next one at 3.15. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to walk and made my way down through St James’ Park to Horseguards Parade.

We do have an impressive capital city and I happened to be there as they were changing the horseguards. With a few minutes to spare before the meeting I joined the tourists and got my Galaxy S2 camera out. As I was taking a photo the camera rang! Annoying huh? They will add phone functionality to useful personal gadgets.

That particular photo was lost but I took an important call. A few minutes later I continued down Whitehall and was about to take a photo of the yellow painted amphibious landing vehicle that is used for guided tours when the same thing happened again! I missed that pic but no matter – at least I got one of the horseguards 🙂

With all these photos it’s no wonder I’m using so much storage but I can’t be alone in this. Seeing as it’s Friday there is a prize for the best story of photos or any other smart phone activity being interrupted by a phone call.  Photos relating to competition entries will be published subject to editorial approval.

PS  prize as usual is a highly sought after Timico mug.

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  1. Lindsey Annison


  1. My camera interrupts me constantly. The only reason I got the damned iPhone was that it had a decent camera as I find most of the rest of its functionality backward compared to my ancient and beloved HTC Hermes 100.

    The lack of a memory card in this new thing drives me spare as it’s what I most need. Trying to film The Stranglers at Solfest (and the Pikey Beatz, Cast, UK Subs and numerous other bands) I had to keep deleting stored media from the phone just to get short video clips and photos – which is why I was there as Press. And as for ringing me because I’ve tweeted that I am filming the Sawdoctors just because you wanted to listen to them too when I’d offered you a free ticket to the festival….PAH! Totally ruined the video of Indian Summer.

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