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Hey presto – we have a car park

car park at the new Timico data centreFunny how we get excited by little things. The other day I came into the office in the afternoon and they had started putting down the Tarmac for the carpark.  Like lightning I whipped out my trusty phone Galaxy S2 and took a photo.Car park at the new Timico data centre in Newark

Today I got up from our fortnightly management meeting and hey presto, someone had painted white lines on the Tarmac. It’s very odd but somehow this makes it all look real. Note no executive parking spots.  The early engineer gets the space nearest the door:)

To my knowledge this is also the first UK data centre to provide a kennel for the guard dogs. I am happy to be corrected here. This key piece of infrastructure arrives on 28th November and I’m sure there will be a photo shoot. Get down Shep!

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11 replies on “Hey presto – we have a car park”

We could actually have a guess the name of the guard dog competition though this would not be open to Timico employees. I’ll do it when the kennel arrives.:)

Dont know what is more impressive an amazing new data centre or getting 7 comments on a blog post describing the lines being painted on the car park?

Either way both impressive 🙂

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