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  1. Trefor Davies


  1. Hasn’t Anne got a sister? Surely Anne should’ve planned for her sister to oversee the meals, laundry, etc while she’s away? Has the plan gone wrong somehow? 🙁

  2. I like what I’m hearing here John but in her defence that would not have been practical. I suppose she could have lined up a rota with her mates though you do have to be careful. We might have ended up with healthy meals every night (eg oven chips instead of real chips) and maybe a long jobslist even!

    No at the end of the day it has to be a software solution that one can have a certain degree of control over – policy setting etc. Any pointers to an existing solution will be given full consideration.

  3. In the interests of balanced journalism Tref, and knowing your lovely wife, I would like to see a post from Anne detailing what insurmountable challenges she faces when you are away from home for a similar length of time. My money is on “Does anyone know of an online service that can make my otherwise tidy well organised house look like hurricane has passed through it while making more noise than a one man band on the HS2 steaming through the Cotswolds”… 😉

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