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Louis Vuitton sells handbags but follow that link at your peril

Louis Vuitton sells handbags. He also features very prominently in the comment spam caught by good old Akismet on this blog. I haven’t clicked on any of the links offered – domain names such as “limpidity” seem to  be selling Louis’ stuff online – soft and flexible handbags for soft and gullible people perhaps?

I took a straw poll in the office and the first person I asked, Director of Account Management Andrew North said his wife owned two Luis Vuitton handbags. Blimey, I’d better not tell Anne although Tesco carrier bags are more in her line:)

So then I Googled Louis Vuitton and found 199,000,000 results – blimey again, I searched for Trefor Davies and only got 408,000. Must be a lot of Trefor Davieses out there – it is a common name. I wonder how many of us there actually are? Not as many as there are Louis Vuittons perhaps – I imagine the fashionably types around town went through a phase of  naming their kids after him – the ultimate one upmanship. Pushed around no doubt in a LV pram and when small left on a sideboard at A-List parties to sleep in a matching handbag (are they called handbags these days?).

Imagine going to a posh nursery school just around the corner from Harrods and being one of several Louis Vuittons! In my day it was Dave or Andy or Llywelyn if you lived in Wales.

Anyway when I started this post I didn’t know where it would take me and I still don’t.  Perhaps something relating to Safer Internet Day 2012? It didn’t happen. You will have to Google it (30,900,000 results) or follow that link to find out more.

I wonder how many of the Google results for LV are actually spamming pages? I will probably never find out.

That’s all folks – back to writing the Timico ITSPA Awards entry.

Trefor Davies

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3 replies on “Louis Vuitton sells handbags but follow that link at your peril”

Hi Tref –

Funny enough i was handed an open magazine by my wife on the weekend – in the picture was a LV handbag from the spring 2012 collection. Her eyes gleaming with hope, her eye lashes fluttered at me and I felt her hand on my shoulder. Like you I looked at the all seeing eye of Ra “Google” – the sheer amount of websites claiming to sell LV is huge. Fact is, no one but LV sells their product online – stores that have LV concessions do not sell the merchandise online (Selfridges to name but one) and anything other than the official LV website is going to be a fake (of course there is evil bay – but anyone who parts with a penny for what the seller claim is the “Genuine item” & “Real bargain” is foolish).
The web market for fake designer goods must be huge – there is mountains of people out there on blogs, forums, twitter etc who have been stung by companies most do not even get anything and their emails/phone calls go unanswered. Gone are the days where you bought a fake Rolex form a mate down the pub or a bottle of “Tommy Hilfinger” at a Sunday market– now the trade of designer fake goods has reached the millions.
Anyhow – the handbag my good lady wishes for is not yet on sale and will be on sale on the 1st April 2012, I can be placed on the waiting list if I wished I am told. Should I be given the chance to buy one the sum of around £2300 will be required.


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