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More O2 LTE trial datapoints – very impressive upload times

Continuing with the day’s theme of the O2 LTE (4G) trials I found myself back in the Devonshire Arms with Cliff Saran of Computer Weekly. I’ll leave most of the story to Cliff and his column but I herewith provide you with the video footage of 4 more iPlayer streams – we could have streamed more but screen size becomes an issue.

At the Piazza in Covent Garden I uploaded a 298MB video in eight minutes at 9Mbps uplink speed. O2 LTE 4G upload speeds at the Piazza in Covent Garden
In the Devonshire Arms I videoed the process of setting up the iPlayer streams and then uploaded that video again to YouTube so that we could compare performance with the Covent Garden upload.

This time the file size was 795Megabytes and the upload speed was 26.5Mbps. The upload time was only 5 minutes!! That’s serious stuff. It had to be quick because I had a train to catch – I was up against a hard deadline which is a good simulation of a real world business scenario where the technology might be used in future. I offer two further points of reference.

The first is the pigeon versus broadband race from 2010 where a 500Meg video failed to upload to YouTube from a rural broadband connection. It would have taken at leasat 6 hours had it not stalled. Some posts here, here and here.

The second reference point is the Guest WiFi at the British Computer Society in Southampton Streetlightning fast guest WiFi network at the British Computer Society in Southampton Street in London where I had been just before the O2 LTE speed tests. This gave 74Megs down and 64Megs up with a ping time of only 4ms! Must have been a Fast Ethernet connection – the limiting factor was likely the WiFi. Still all the numbers quoted in this post are impressive for different reasons.

Hooray for 4G. Note the battery still had 61% left after an hour and a half or so’s 4G usage. Not bad. Enjoy the video:


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5 replies on “More O2 LTE trial datapoints – very impressive upload times”

This is gonna make everyone give up their old copper landline and stick with 4G and mobile if it works? Most only have a landline for broadband these days and use mobile for calls. My cousin doesn’t even know his phone number and hasn’t got a handset. No wonder its a long time getting sorted, who is stalling it?

Also will there be ubiquitous coverage, and as Andrew says, what happens when the cells fill up?

Wow! The speeds are far from the most important thing shown.

32ms latency!

Throughput has never been the key issue with the current 3G networks, latency has been.

With latency in that region I think Cyberdoyle could be right – bye bye copper!

you might want to read about Shannon’s law and the spectrum available and how it penetrates and G.Fast 1G coming to copper in the next 18-24 months.

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