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aargh another social network – WAYN

Campsite at Hillend, Rhossili, Gower August Bank Holiday 2011Had an email overnight from someone at – “the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network” – sigh! The email source address was I checked. WAYN now has 19,720,691 members.

Good luck to him. I wish WAYN and all who travel with him well but I have to say farewell, adios, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, waving tearfully from the jetty and turning my back slowly on the departing entourage as it moves off on its travels around the world wide web.

I’m sorry but I am not ready for another social network. WAYN has budget mind you.

He used my work email address. An old one that I used early on in my Timico career using our firstname.lastname before I became a reb and used just the straight tref@. This email address turns up in so much junk mail obviously purchased from some list I was daft enough to allow access to my details some time long passed. WAYN I imagine must have bought my email address and I guess if he is targeting my demographic probably not a bad thing to do. One must think though that for a social network to be successful it must be interesting enough to grow virally, unless it’s been hoovering up its members’ address books which could perhapsalso have been the case on this occasion though I didn’t recognise the name of the inviter.

I used to do an awful lot of travel with my work, before Timico. Now it is mostly Newark and London with the occasional letting off the leash for an overseas jaunt or to another of our offices. I would dearly love to travel more again but with four cash hungry offspring, two of whom will be at university for next October’s Michelmas Term our trips are mostly restrained to visiting my dear old mum and dad on the Isle of Man and the occasional camping weekend in Woodhall Spa – I can thoroughly recommend the place. I must repair the tent poles before this summer season 🙂

When something new, like WAYN, came out I used to register straight away so that I could bag the username “Tref”. I did that with Twitter to great effect (well that’s my opinion anyway). I’m going to take a gamble here and not bother with WAYN. I can hear someone now saying to themselves “he’s going to regret it” but in my advancing years I must have become more of a risk taker and I’m going to change my policy.

Maybe WAYN will float your boat but from me it’s arrivederchi, hwyl, toodle pip, hasta la vista baby… I don’t have the time.

PS click on the header to see where we went camping last “summer”. You can see the rebel in me beginning to emerge in the bigger photo.

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I don’t need another social network. I use Facebook to share photos with family. I use twitter to meet like minded people. What else do I need?

We’re camping at Woodhall Spa next weekend 🙂

How about WYN being a spam site? I just got a note that someone wants to follow me on WYN and I’m not a member. What gives and how do I get off this site?

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