Communication modes for the 21st century

Just rang to book my car in for a service. After navigating an auto-attendant and then ¬†holding for some time I eventually got through to a receptionist who was clearly not at the department I’d navigated to. Ok. It happens. Phones get busy etc etc. She asked me if I’d like someone to ring back […]

How do I manage Android phone based interruptions from social media alerts?

I’ve just realized that my Android phone is interrupting me now as often as the toast popup (or whatever it is called) on the laptop that tells me when a new email is in. I’m getting notifications for new Google+ alerts, Twitter mentions, follows and Direct Messages, Facebook replies & messages, LinkedIn endorsements (lots of […]

social sharing toolkit snippet

This morning I found that one of my blog posts had the word “bookmark” inserted at the beginning. Weird I thought. This afternoon I did another post and lo and behold it was there too. In fact it was on every post I’d ever written. Very weird. So I went down to see Ian Ward, […]

aargh another social network – WAYN

Had an email overnight from someone at – “the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network” – sigh! The email source address was I checked. WAYN now has 19,720,691 members. Good luck to him. I wish WAYN and all who travel with him well but I have to say farewell, adios, auf wiedersehen, […]

The social media summary of the world record attempt

¬†The world record attempt started at 6am on Thursday 5th Feb and ended at 6am the following day. There are three stories to tell here. The first is the charity fundraising aspect that was covered on Friday. Second is the social media story. This was an event largely promoted using the #comment24 hashtag on twitter […]