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Galaxy S2 & Galaxy S3 side by side

Samsung Galaxy S3 seen next to a Samsung Galaxy S2Le Samsung Galaxy S3 est arrive. 삼성 갤럭시 S3가 도착했습니다.Mae’r Galaxy S3 Samsung wedi cyrraedd.Որ Samsung Galaxy S3 է ժամանել.وقد وصلت سامسونج غالاكسي S3.આ સેમસંગ ગેલેક્સી S3 આવ્યા છે.Samsung Galaxia S3 iritsi da.Samsung Galaxy S3 gəlib.Samsung Galaxy S3 đã đến.স্যামসাং আকাশগঙ্গা S3 এসেছে.La Samsung Galaxy S3 alvenis.三星Galaxy S3已经抵达.The Samsung Galaxy S3 kominn.سیمسنگ کہکشاں S3 آ گیا ہے.Samsung Galaksi s3 a te rive.An Réaltra Samsung S3 tagtha.Ang Samsung Galaxy S3 ay dumating.Das Samsung Galaxy S3 ist da.Samsung Galaxy S3 прибыло.سامسونگ کهکشان S3 وارد کرده است

Ok folks. As you can see the Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived and is in my hands. I’m going to kick the tyres over the weekend and give you a considered opinion of it compared with the Galaxy S2.

In the meantime, seeing as it’s Friday afternoon there is a prize for anyone who can tell me which languages (in order of writing) I’ve used in the above announcement. If no one comes in with them all right then the nearest  best attempt wins (all assuming I can remember myself).

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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12 replies on “Galaxy S2 & Galaxy S3 side by side”

My best attempt:
French, Korean, Welsh, Armenian, Arabic, Indian (Gujarati), Basque, Russian, Vietnamese, Bangali (Bangla), Spanish, Chinese, Norwegan, Iraqi (Persian), Urdu Haitian, Irish, Tagalog, German, Russian, Perisan, Arabic

Probably got a couple wrong as I think there are multiple dialects of Arabic used above :/


French, Korean, Welsh, Armenian, Arabic, Gujarati, Basque, Azerbaijani, Vietnamese, Bengali, Esperanto, Chinese, Icelandic, Urdu, Haitian Creole, Irish, Filipino, German, Russian, Persian

I hope I got it right? 😀

I think I used Google translate for the Welsh – not sure I’d have done it any different had I translated it meself – I stopped Welsh lessons at the age of 13 when we moved to the Isle of Man.

Tref, For a post about the Galaxy, and a bright man like you, I’d have expected at least one inter galactic language amongst your offering to tease out your truly birghtest star of a reader.


The Xaranthian language from the 5th dimension of the far Araryx galaxy is in there fishing Gardener. It’s just that it isn’t visible to the naked eye.

I’ve decided the prize goes to Nick because he got in first and I think (happy to be corrected) Scott only recently won a prize. Not sure if anyone got the right answer. In fact I don’t know what the right answer is because I didn’t write it down – I only thought of the competition when I was half way through writing the post. That’s all folks:)

Mug? :p Thought it was just going to be an online freebie or something?

And it’s fine, he did answer first to be fair. You don’t have to send me one 🙂 …I’ll try next time to win it fair and square. If only you knew who the real winner was…

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