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Vint Cerf, Tar Babies and the Dalai Lama

the very civilized scene at Jamie's 50th bash on Saturday night - spot the special guest to win a fabulous Timico mugWent to my mate Jamie’s 50th birthday  “geeks and bimbos”great band The Tar Babies - you should book them party in Sussex on Saturday night. Though I don’t class myself as a true geek compared with some of the guys in the office I was able to go just wearing my normal clothes. I wore my LINX 15th anniversary black T shirt with shorts and a pair of sandals with Jeep socks.

Great thing was there was a guy called Jon there carrying a TCP/IP manual and I of course was able to tell him I met Vint Cerf himself recently. We were the only two there who had ever heard of TCP/IP or Vint!

Some of you may know that I too have reached the notionally respectable half century milestone. Although the body can’t quite take it like it used to I did look around the room and wonder what this age thing is all about.

The party was a great evening. Not got many usable photos – they are mostly blurred. We danced hard to the 60s and 70s music of the Tar Babies, all sang along when instructed to do so – everybody knew all of the words. The concept of “acting your age” is dead.  Prize for the first to spot the  special guest at the party – it’s totally amazing how she does it at that age. Click on the header photo for a larger image.

In the Fareham office of NewNet on Friday and one of theprosciutto - where am I? guys mentioned that I seemed to enjoy my job and was always having a good time. I refer you to the lecture given by the Dalai Lama last week at the London School of Economics. In a nutshell he said “enjoy life and do stuff”. Recognising this there is another prize for the first to guess the restaurant where this last photo was taken.

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4 replies on “Vint Cerf, Tar Babies and the Dalai Lama”

No need – I’m on the other side of the pond. I’ll count this as a virtual mug.

P.S. There used to be IRC’s (postage coupons) for letters. I don’t think there is an equivalent for small packages. Much like Sir Donald of F & S (1960s comedy team) “I got in in the end.”

P.P.S. That restaurant photo made me think of another old joke which led to this :
The restaurant run by A. Russell and daughters holds occasional stagings of Hamletto.
(If you weren’t raised on vinyl copies of 1950s and 1960s comedy then you won’t get the reference to A. Russell’s parody of Shakespeare.)

Thanks Ted – I knew you were in the New World but am prepared to invest in the stamps. Still you have the kudos of being one of the megaprize competition winners 🙂

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