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Big Mac anyone? Handball?

There was a lot of publicity over the fact that the McDonalds in the Olympic Park was the world’s biggest. In actual fact there were two McDonalds inside the Park, one of which is the subject of the photo below. I don’t know whether they were both the same size or not – didn’t venture in having had a lovely lunch with my excellent Friday hosts KCOM. Just assume you are looking at the biggest one.

get yer Big Macs 'ere - worlds biggest McDonalds restaurant at the Olympic ParkThe second photo is a panoramic view taken inside the basketball arena – kitted out for the mens handball semi final.  Iwas supporting Hungary (ria, ria Hungaria, ria ria Hungaria as the chant goes) out of allegiance to my mate Erv the Hungarian concert pianist – more on him when he is back from his summer break in Budapest. Unfortunaltey we lost but there you go…

If you click on the photo of the arena to get a bigger size pic you will notice that the press area covers the whole of one side of the court – a reflection presumably of the level of interest in basketball.

panoramic view of inside the basketball arena set up for handball - note size of the press box

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