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Unsubscribe UKTI

I’ve just unsubscribed from the UK Trade and Industry mailing list. I think I must have got on it from being at the Global Business Summit at Lancaster House during the Olympics. They need to improve their data base. I’ve just been spammed with an invitation to “Business Hindi for Beginners”. Previously it was “Meet […]


A funny thing happened on my way to #LINX79

Today is the quarterly LINX meeting. LINX79. It’s been going for a few years now – you can work out how long yourselves. These are great meetings. You can learn more in two days here than in the rest of the quarter in between. LINX continues to grow. It in part reflects the growth of […]


Three cheers for us – Olympics Paralympics

I’ve been in the car on the way to Slough (I must have been a naughty boy when i was a kid) and listening to the Olympic/Paralympic parade. I had to force back the tears. Even the hardest of cynics must surely have been bowled over with the last month’s sport. This summer has been […]

Olympic bandwidth usage growth

Thought this would interest you. It’s a chart showing the http traffic on our broadband network in the run up to and during the London 2012 Olympics. The change is quite amazing. This growth isn’t representative of all the internet traffic during that time – that showed an overall increase of 30% or so. As […]


If you see a network engineer pat him on the back and buy him a beer – Olympics good job #LINX78

I’m at LINX78 the latest quarterly meeting of the London Internet Exchange. This meeting is particularly interesting because it comes immediately after the Olympics and its attendees represent the vast majority of UK internet access networks. In other words the people responsible for making your web browsing experience a good one during the Olympics were […]


London 2012 – the epilogue

I’m pretty much exhausted after the Olympics. I guess it doesn’t help having spent 8 days out of the fortnight one way or another down in London. It’s not coming here again in my lifetime… The press is of course full of comment – they are going to continue milking it for all its worth […]


Gawd blimey guvnor lawks a daisy frog and toad me old sparrer

I should apologise immediately for confusing American readers with this blog title the meaning of which will be immediately obvious to UK natives especially those born within sound of Bow bells. I should explain. On Friday I had breakfast at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen with business partner Terence Long who is a good lad […]

A stroll around the Olympic Park

Just a couple of general interest Olympic posts to go. I’m saving some work related ones for when I get back from holiday next week. The first video shows the view of the crowds streaming out of the Park after one of the sessions was over. You only got a relatively short stint at a […]

what a difference a day makes

I’ve been in London a fair bit over the Olympic fortnight. It has by and large seemed fairly quiet but finished with a bang with the Marathon in the centre of town and the Blur gig in Hyde Park, of which more later. The two pics on the right show Covent Garden piazza a couple […]


Olympic troops

Nice surprise to bump in to Powernet CEO Tony Tugulu at the KCOM bash at the Olympics. We did the touristy bits en route to the handball and had our photo taken with a couple of the boys in uniform. Being regular readers of the blog they were just as pleased to be photographed with […]

Big Mac anyone? Handball?

There was a lot of publicity over the fact that the McDonalds in the Olympic Park was the world’s biggest. In actual fact there were two McDonalds inside the Park, one of which is the subject of the photo below. I don’t know whether they were both the same size or not – didn’t venture […]

mangled train wreckage or huge helter skelter?

Having only just mentioned the Beatles here is another photo depicting one of their songs. At least I assume that’s what it is. It’s either a helter skelter or the mangled wreckage of a train crash dumped in the middle of a waste ground without realising it was the spot they had chosen for the […]

ello ello ello – wots goin on ere then?

I’m on holiday though I’ve had to fit in the odd day’s work in my busy Olympic schedule. There are going to be so many enduring images from these games. I’m probably not in any of them. I was going to do one big post just containing lots of pics from my Olympic watching but […]

Getting acquainted with Henry

Telling it like it is in real (ish) time. From left to right Dr Henry Kissinger, Trefor Davies and Calum Malcolm at the Cisco House at the Olympic Park. Life is for living. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S3 courtesy of Cisco WiFi.


The importance of psychology

It’s been interesting to hear the observations of expert commenters that athletes perform better when the are relaxed. If  they are not in the right frame of mind their chances of success are greatly reduced. When you think about it this applies in many areas. In cricket, for example, your mind has to be totally […]


The hidden cost of the London Olympics

Drove four 18 year old girls to Derby yesterday morning. They, along with three other pals were catching the train to Newquay for a week on the lash a week of post A Levels recuperation. They deserve it. We had originally booked them on a low cost flight from East Midlands but the operator cancelled […]


GB cha cha cha GB cha cha cha

If you are the single person in the UK not caught up with Olympic fever you need therapy. This is big time excitement. There is no way you should be doing anything other than sitting in front of that box taking in cycling/yachting/rowing/running/long jumping/kayaking/swimming/tennis/ano etc. That said I played golf this afternoon when Murray was […]

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