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plot lost with sat nav plotted route?

Timico logo on fleeceI’ve been driving around the country a fair bit recently although by and large it is still easier to catch the train. I’ve even been using the Google Navigation on my Galaxy S3 so I must be visiting places I’ve never been before.

The funny thing is I’ve found that when I’m in the car I have started talking to the sat nav person. When he says “turn left now” I say ok got that thanks!!! I even do it when I’m not on my own in the car!!! Am I losing the plot or is this normal behaviour? My friends need to tell me though I’m not sure there is a cure.

When I’m out and about I also usually wear a Timico polo shirt or fleece. I’ve found that staff at the coffee counter think I’m driving a truck. I quite like this. The romantic notion of the freedom of the road.

When I were a lad I hitchhiked from Greece to London. One lorry gave me a lift the whole way. I was very lucky. He even got me signed on the ferry as a co driver. The guy behind the desk was very suspicious & didn’t believe him. I had a goatee beard, a collarless shirt and wore a leather hat. I still got onboard and even had a free driver’s meal. Happy days.

That’s all folks.

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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btw I don’t always obey the sat nav. Sometimes I know better. when this happens I expect the voice to say “what do you think you’re doing? I told you to turn left” It doesn’t though. Very respectful.

Never, ever, get in a vehicle fitted with a sat nag driven by @cyberdoyle. Ever. Firstly, it is a terrifying experience with or without GPS. 😉 Secondly, she follows every instruction to the letter. So, “take the next right” means cutting across the middle of the A1 in front of a truck instead of driving 100 yds further to the roundabout!!

I did abandon sat nav after my initial experiment a few years ago. I was driving from the NEC in Birmingham to a hotel in Coventry. The sat nav took me down a slip road onto the M69 by mistake. That’s ok I thought. I’ll just turn around at the next junction. Easier said than done. There was a half hour tail back to get off at that junction. When I eventually made it to the centre of Coventry I found that the hotel was in a pedestrian precint. I had to follow a taxi through a no entry sign and park on triple yellow lines to go into the hotel to find out what to do. After a further 20 minute queue in reception in very warm weather I was told that the hotel was overbooked and I needed to find my way to another one outside Coventry. It took me two hours door to door.

There is more to that story but that is enough for now. Suffice to say I ditched the whole concept of satellite navigation until I started using it on Android.

It coloured my view on Coventry for years. Only changed my mind after my lad started at Warwick University which is of course in Coventry.

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