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An apple - grown in my back garden at homeOk lads and lasses. My wife has an iPhone4S. Should she upgrade it to iOS6? Pros and cons? Answers on a postcard or in the comment box.

PS she is desperate to have a navigational tool in her car. This should be a consideration in the discussion.

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  1. Have only used the iOS maps for navigation once, and on a route I knew, which is what I’ve done with all my GPS apps when first using them.

    1. Data usage it is actually pretty low 2.3MB on a 50 mile trip
    2. Clear enough map for driving too
    3. The supplementary data e.g. speed limits is hard to read when glancing at it
    4. The male voice, makes ‘leave at next junction on M25 for the A22 sound like the for is the digit 4, and the words are rolled two close together, prefer TomTom speech system.
    5. Not tried the app if I drive into an area without 3G or 2G coverage. Certainly it fails to start navigating at all if you are in the middle of nowhere which seems to be most National Trust properties. (Google Maps on Android gets around this with the save map area)
    6. Tom Tom Europe is still a good buy, and while it uses a good chunk of memory means no worries on signal coverage.
    7. Restaurants and other features do not appear as densely packed on the iOS Maps.

    So if upgrading for iOS maps, don’t bother in my opinion. Only on the 5 as had a 4 and was contract change time.

  2. Yes iOS 6 is a sensible upgrade as there are a lot of nice features especially on the 4S (which I have). Some mapping data is non optimal for parts of the UK today though.

    You can get FreeNAV or buy the TomTom or CoPilot apps on iOS 5 or iOS 6. I have used the TomTom app on my old 3GS and now 4S for the last 3 years – brilliant when paired with a car holder.

  3. Try Waze, whether you upgrade or not. I’m tempted to upgrade for all the good stuff, but I like my 4 the way it is so I’m not bothering.

  4. Personally i will be waiting for 6.1 which i imagine will be out in the next few months. That should iron out the doubt that is floating about for me.

    TomTom as an app is still unbeatable, granted the rendered maps are pretty on iOS6, but TomTom is beyond fit for purpose

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