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Notes from UKNOF23 – Cinnamon, Brick Lane & Google Campus

blackboard at Google Campus near Old StreetThe title is somewhat disingenuous because the notes are from the night before UKNOF23. Before UKNOF everyone pops out for a curry sponsored by one of the fine networking companies that support the organisation. In last night’s case it was IX Reach and we all went to Cinnamon on Brick Lane.

Fair play to Cinnamon the food was great and included dishes called Naga containing the world’s hottest chilli pepper. Not for the faint of heart and certainly not for me though Adrian kennard of AAISP seemed not to break into sweat as he tucked in to his. More of a man than I’ll ever be.

Fair play also to IX Reach who took the decision to cover all the cost of the booze as well as the food which meant I could indulge in that second half of lager. I was in bed by ten though as I have a speaking slot today, albeit after lunch.

The photos are a random selection from the Cinnamon curry house, Brick Lane, the Google Campus where the meeting is being held and of Bonhill Street where the Google Campus is located. I took the picture of the urns because it is unusual to see two urns for hot water and only one for coffee. Clearly engineers drink more tea than coffee.

Photos below.

That’s all folks…

artistic shot of Brick lane in the drizzle at 6pm on October 8th

the UKNOF guys in the basement at Cinnamon on Brick Lane

Bonhill Street location of Google Campus

inside the Google campus in Bonhill Street

hot water and coffee urns at the Google Campus

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Hot water can also be used for cocoa, soup, mac + cheese, oatmeal, etc. I’ve got an assortment of snack cups in my pantry at home that just need some hot water and a little time (3 to 6 mins.) before eating. I’m partial to split pea, miso (soybean soup), and lentil soup cups.

Some of the Asian supermarkets I’ve shopped at in San Francisco (Calif., USA) have had a mind-boggling array of noodle cups. The shelf space would be more easily measured in meters / yards than in centimeters / inches.

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