Megamug Advent Prize Competition #3

Tomorrow I’m off to the Varsity match at Twickers with some lads and, I believe, a lass. Megamug Prize Competition number 3 is simple. What will the combined total of the scores of Oxford and Cambridge be at the end of the game.

In keeping with the rules laid down by my drinking buddies in the Tower in Lincoln when we watch internationals the nearest guess wins but not if the score is higher than your guess. In other words if you guess 33 points and the total is 34 then a person picking 40 points would be the winner. Also if the number has already been used you can’t have it. Entries close at kick-off. My game, my rules.

Good luck.

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36 thoughts on “Megamug Advent Prize Competition #3

  1. Guy Mundy says:

    I’m going for 57 points

  2. Nigel Titley says:

    Having been forced to play rugby at school, I’m not going to take part in this one on the grounds that it brings back very painful (in all senses of the word) memories. By the way, who won competition #2?

  3. Nigel Titley says:

    Just realised it was Faye… congrats, and can I have a cake too?

  4. Faye says:

    Not sure it will travel well, but I will send pics on Friday and will also provide the recipe in case anyone else wants to give it a try!

  5. Trefor Davies tref says:

    Ta Faye. Care to pick a score for this competition?

  6. Paul Bernal says:

    42….. it’s the answer to the biggest question of all, too!

  7. PhilT says:

    33 – symmetry

  8. Pete Farmer says:

    Dark blues FTW

  9. Richard says:

    48 points, and Cambridge to win

  10. dave green says:

    Looking forward to the megamug

    68 points

  11. Tim Alexander says:

    The combined score will be 32

  12. Peter Dunbar says:

    My guess 49 :)

  13. jose says:

    40 is my guess c ccvvv vvvvvvb

  14. chris young says:

    Its going to be 24/21 so 45

  15. Lee Stanilan says:

    Hmm i think that 50 will be the predicted combined score..

  16. Trefor Davies tref says:

    42 was the winning score. Although I said only one person per number there were two people who guessed 42 and they were both called Paul so they both get a prize. Addresses via email please.

  17. Steve says:

    Hi Tref, Great day yesterday but … wasn’t the final score 26 – 19 (a win for Oxford) i.e. 45 points in total? (maybe it was the trip in that lift at Twickenham that has caused confusion :-)

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      Just checked and you’re absolutely right. On that basis Chris Young is the winner though don’t think it affects the result of our onsite betting.

  18. chris young says:

    Fantastic! Christmas has come early!

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