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Who needs a mobile phone?

sometime in the future in a far away GalaxyS3Mankind is evolving. We are getting taller (and fatter) and our right hands are changing to the shape of our mobile phones. The mobile phone is becoming physically a part of us. We are glued to it.

It is only a matter of time before the bio engineered phone is invented and this will eventually become part of our genetic make up with every new born child having a built in device capable of sending messages and allowing you to talk to people over long distances.

It’s going to be a strange world. One where it will be quite normal to see people holding their empty hand to their faces and taking into it – perhaps in the same way that you or I might hold our hand up to shout to someone in the distance.

Before long we will communicate in instant messages by dictating the note into the palm of your hand and saying “send” (or “go” – whatever you like 🙂 ).

Near Field Communications built into our “hands” will meant that entire brain memory sets could be transferred simply by touching palms with another person. We will have to be careful when shaking hands or giving high fives not to accidentally take on a virus or transfer stuff out that we didn’t want others to see. A mental firewall will be required.

Educating children will be easy, a simple download. Education will evolve to focus on physical and social skills because the academic side of it will all be automated. This will in time solve the obesity problem that developed over the millennia.

Particularly bright kids will get involved in research projects that will solve all conflict, create enduring world peace and finally explore the galaxy spreading the word to far away civilizations that today only exist in the first thousand Star Wars movies.

I expect you’re all wondering what on earth I’m going on about. Me too.  I went to the Newark 1 Business Awards last night, and forgot to take my intergalactic communicator. At first I was annoyed with myself. That feeling turned to resignation and then liberation and without twitter/email/facebook/sms  I proceeded to  spend a very enjoyable evening being witty2 and engaging and attentive and contributing to the overall convivial atmosphere of our table.

My world did not stop. Who needs a mobile phone?

1 in Newark 🙂

2 well I thought I was!

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