nuisance calls and messages

Nuisance calls and messages

scam call

Overseas call centre scammer

The return of the scam call Just had a scam call. It’s not often I’m home early enough and they typically ring at tea time. You can immediately tell what sort of call it’s going to be because they use cheapo crap telephone services over the internet. So I happened to be in a playful […]

08452865284 nuisance call

Just in an ITSPA council meeting and rejected a call from 08452865284. This was a bit of a result as a quick google shows people complaining about answering a call from that number and getting a recorded message. You may have noticed me posting more stuff like this. I’m going to do it every time I […]


Nuisance calls

At last week’s ITSPA Council meeting we discussed nuisance calls. This post on on the subject was written by Pete Farmer, writing in a personal capacity. Pete is the Commercial and Regulatory Manager for Gamma  a wholesale supplier of telecoms services. Pete is a colleague on the ITSPA Council  and chairs their Regulatory Committee. His contact […]


missed call from 0161 662 6518

Accidentally left my phone on mute and noticed I had missed a call from  0161 662 6518. Hmm  I thought. Who do  I know that lives in Manchester. Might have been someone calling to discuss the Draft Comms Data Bill Report that I am in the middle of reading and digesting. I googled the number […]


Telephone Preference Service

I’m getting a lot of traffic for the post on the Telephone Preference Service. It’s no surprise. If your house is anything like ours we get scam calls on a daily basis. Someone needs to do something about it. We have varying strategies for dealing with the scammers in our house. These range from keeping […]