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Trefor DaviesPleased to tell you that as of today, Timico, NewNet and PowerNet have been listed on Visa Europe’s website as having a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant network.

Check it out here.

Our PCI compliance project began in mid-July and all paperwork and network scan was sent to Visa Europe on 14 November.  The team met pretty much every other week since July, sometimes for all day workshops, to tackle this project.  It’s a great credit to everyone that the project was completed in such a short space of time.  I’m sure they will all agree, it wasn’t easy.

The cross disciplinary team was lead by Leslie Young and comprised Nick Luckcuck, Ian Christian, Will Curtis, Faye Hemingway, Dean Bruce, Tom Grace, Jared Moore and Calum Malcolm.

Anyone out there needing a PCI compliant network should check us out. Press release with more spiel here.

I’ll do another post to cover the type of work we had to do to achieve compliance.

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One thought on “How to achieve a PCI Compliant network

  1. Neil McRae says:

    Well done Tref

    PCI is really table stakes in today’s e-commerce society – and it’s not just about the network – systems, process and in certain carse people all have to follow your policies etc. Complience in gereral is big business and a key concern we near from our enterprise customers at BT.

    Maintaining PCI, or IL2 ISO etc is the harder part, especially when you want to so something quickly!


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