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china broadband

Global broadband competition stakes heat up

China broadband Picked up this article in Total Telecom.  China plans to spend $327Bn on rolling out ubiquitous broadband by 2020. The slowest performance will be 20Mps with urban connurbations (or however you spel it:) ) of more than 200k people getting 100Megs. I don’t know how that compares with the per head spending in […]



I have to tell you about RIPE70. RIPE70 was held in the Okura hotel in Amsterdam. Very nice hotel. Nice pool, sauna, bars etc etc. Amsterdam was very nice too. Great restaurants, picturesque streets and canals. Only downsides were the lethal nature of the roads and the beer. Re the roads you have to look out […]

internet traffic growth

Lonap traffic contines to grow apace

Internet traffic growth at Lonap The chart in the featured image is the yearly 1 day average internet traffic growth at Lonap. What you see is effectively a reflection of how the internet is growing. The Lonap traffic includes organic growth plus the addition of new members but the details needn’t concern us really – […]

euro-ix 26 day 2

Euro-IX 26 Day 2 live blogging

OK kids it’s day 2 at Euro-IX and the conference is in full swing with a packed room at the Pullman Palm Beach in Marseille. Last night was the usual humdinger with dinner at La Nautique in the Old Harbour followed by a bit of community singing on the bus and then dancing to Abba […]

euro-ix 26

Euro-IX 26 live blog from Marseille

Euro-IX 26 comments from sunny Marseille Morning all. Trust we are bright and breezy on this fine Mediterranean morning. I am in Marseille for Euro-IX 26. These Euro-IX fora (not forums) happen every 6 months and are a great way for keeping up with what’s going on in the world of Internet Exchange Points (IXP). […]

transit pricing versus peering

Cost of transit versus peering cc @lonap

Transit costs plummeting but not as fast as peering Last time I looked at transit costs I was paying something like 60pence/Mbps, admittedly only for a 1Meg commit. My habit of sharing blog posts on Facebook seems to be attracting an eclectic bunch of ads and this morning I was pushed one from Hurricane Electric […]

lonap network bandwidth

Solar eclipse drives dip in UK internet traffic @lonap

Internet traffic dip during eclipse – unusual behaviour for a big news event We saw an unusual internet traffic dip in traffic across the LONAP network this morning as presumably people downed their devices and went outside to watch the solar eclipse. I only found out the eclipse was happening yesterday as the papers started […]

average broadband prices in beer

Average broadband prices expressed as pints of beer

Average broadband prices roughly equal 5 pints of beer a month ( 3 pints if you live in London). We have introduced an average broadband price element to This allows punters to see what the average monthly cost of a broadband line is over the period of a contract. The average pricing takes into […]

julian huppert crowd funding online rights framework

Julian Huppert MP proposes that the next government implements an online rights framework of principles

Online rights framework will help safeguard privacy The internet is increasingly key to our daily lives and a crucial part of public policy making with ramifications across all areas. However, too often what we get from politicians is poorly thought through kneejerkery. I’ve seen this myself, on far too many occasions. Just to pick up […]

digital policy technology regulatory issues electronic communications code reform government internet policy

No matter who you vote for…

James Blessing discusses technology regulatory issues he sees that should be addressed by the next government. Since we have a potential change of government coming up, it might be useful to see how well the current one has been doing in the telecoms and technology space and where the next one might repeat the same […]

virgin media buffering

Bufferbloat and Virgin Media

Virgin Media Buffering – Bufferbloat spat Bufferbloat, as most of you will know is the situation in a packet switched network where the packet buffers are so large1 they cause high latency and jitter. Bufferbloat can also reduce the network throughput. This post is all about a guy called Dave Taht and his encounter with Virgin Media buffering […]

priority answer EE home broadband

EE home broadband pulls plug on affiliate marketing partners

EE goes it alone with direct marketing programmes & ditches affiliates EE who are my mobile service provider have announced the closure of their EE home broadband affiliate programme. This means that they are likely to disappear from most comparison websites as there will be no incentive to push their products1. We will also be ditching […]


LINX88 notes thoughts and ramblings

LINX88 notes and thoughts LINX is without doubt a big outfit. The stats speak for themselves: 603 member ASNs 22 new applications in 2015 1454 connected member ports 851 member-facing 10GigE ports 13 member-facing 100GigE ports over 2.53 Tb/sec of peak traffic 10.212 Tb of connected capacity 583 members 62 member countries The internet plumbing […]

B4RN rural broadband virgin media expansion

Virgin expansion – a quick shufty at the business case & why they aren’t interested in the final third

Virgin Media expansion All over the news today are the Virgin Media expansions plans. Virgin plan to spend £3billion expanding their network reach from 13 million to 17 million homes. That’s £750 per household passed. If, following this investment, Virgin grows its customer base by the same proportion as the growth in network coverage they […]

isp report

ISP report places Sky at top of rankings for Q4 2014 ISP report Couldn’t help noticing that have published their quarterly ISP report. Highlights include: Sky was rated top provider for Q4 2014 Plusnet recovered from  a number of service outages in Q3 to rise  to second place in the overall ratings BT showed a big improvement in customer support levels with average call waiting […]


Live blogging from UKNOF30

It’s hotting up here at UKNOF30 in Bishopsgate. We are deep the heart of the City of London and the place smells of money. Witness the scene that meets you as you walk into the local Tesco express: a large display of champagne – see the featured image. Times are clearly not hard around here. Anyway […]

broadband churn Broadband Technology Pipe

Are ISP incentives to new customers going to be counter-productive and drive broadband churn?

Offers to new customers could drive broadband churn The broadband market is massively competitive. This is a good thing. As in many markets ISPs offer incentives for new customers to sign up. In the B2B world these incentives are frequently given to resellers rather than the end customer. However in the consumer marketplace where everything […]

adult content filter snoopers charter TalkTalk Router Security Flaw

A quick guide to problems that will arise if we implement further internet surveillance measures

Snoopers Charter revisited The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders has lead to goverment and opposition calling for more internet surveillance. Here are a few points for your consideration. Storing this data will inevitably result in it being hacked, left on a train/taxi on a laptop/memory stick and details of a government minister affair with […]

@lonap AGM 2014 cc @SteveGlen @prt2m

You will all be aware that society publications such as OK Magazine, Allright, Hello and Hiya major on publishing photos of as many people as they can to guarantee that someone buys them. They at least get as many sales as people in the pics. Well we’re a bit like that at, the Xmas bash being an […]

BTOpenreach engineering visit Install

BT branding strategy with EE?

Will BT keep the EE brand? Picked up this little gem from Twitter. It’s a good question because it opens up a discussion regarding BT’s strategy post acquisition. Assuming it all goes through. @RQ171 @bt_uk @EE so will my bt broadband fibre optic be as cheap as EE current broadband? — Fraz فراست (@FMLDNCAPO) December […]

future uk telecoms landscape

The future UK telecoms landscape

Future UK telecoms landscape – UK telecoms in period of massive change. The twittersphere is going wild following the news that BT has tabled a bid for EE. Mostly with messages like this one: Worst news ever @EE 12 years ago vowed to never be a @BTCare customer again. Looks like I’ll be moving my […]

Vodafone looking at Virgin Media Acquisition

  Further UK telecoms consolidation? It’s all over the tech/comms news that the Big Red is looking at the possibility of buying Virgin Media’s parent company. Google it. There is a fit because both companies have bright red branding so they wouldn’t have to change much. It was only recently we discussed the fact that […]

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