Fearghas nods off

Many of you will know Fearghas McKay as a solid hard working lad who is thoroughly dependable and very knowledgeable about his subject. Such is his commitment to his job that he often works through the night at home and then turns up for a full day in the office the next day.

All this hard work does eventually take its toll.  I mischievously filmed the lad sleeping like a baby at UKNOF24 held at Timico yesterday.  Poor old Fearghas completely missed Jesse Sowell of MIT’s retrospective on the WCIT meeting. Ah well. Lucky for him he wasn’t snoring when I was filming.

I gave out some wonderful Timico Megamugs at UKNOF but I do have a few left and seeing as it’s Friday afternoon I’m going to have a caption competition. Lets have some suggestions for captions to accompany this video.

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  1. Did some just say ‘perverse incentive’? I was just dreaming about something similar!!

  2. Phil Veale

    A lot of people switch off when you mention the ITU, but in Fearghas case, it’s quite literally true.

  3. Fearghas succumbs to anaesthesia by policy.

  4. Was it just after lunch! 😉

    To be fair – I nearly nodded off myself listening to that short clip

  5. gr0mit

    Wake me up when we run out of IPv6 address space, will you?

  6. Trefor Davies tref

    so far so good – I think we need a few retweets to get some more comments:)

  7. ken wilkinson

    Noddy makes surprise visit to UKNOF24 meeting.

  8. Gary Hough

    Fearghas McKay wins the UK Nodding Off Forum 24 hrs without waking up world record.

  9. Lee Staniland

    It’s oh so quiet
    It’s oh so still
    You’re all alone
    And so peaceful until… PArrrrrrrrrrp

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