Fearghas nods off

Many of you will know Fearghas McKay as a solid hard working lad who is thoroughly dependable and very knowledgeable about his subject. Such is his commitment to his job that he often works through the night at home and then turns up for a full day in the office the next day.

All this hard work does eventually take its toll.  I mischievously filmed the lad sleeping like a baby at UKNOF24 held at Timico yesterday.  Poor old Fearghas completely missed Jesse Sowell of MIT’s retrospective on the WCIT meeting. Ah well. Lucky for him he wasn’t snoring when I was filming.

I gave out some wonderful Timico Megamugs at UKNOF but I do have a few left and seeing as it’s Friday afternoon I’m going to have a caption competition. Lets have some suggestions for captions to accompany this video.

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2 thoughts on “How to make your VoIP secure #fraud

  1. Tim Bray Tim Bray says:

    I’d also add to make sure that any telephone handsets you use are secure. People sometimes attack the phones as well as the PBX.

    Use up to date firmware as many security holes in phones have been closed.

    Set a strong web password on the phone. Some phones have a user as well as a admin account. Set passwords on both. Ideally, protect the web interface with your firewall.

  2. Jon Farmer says:

    I wrote a fraud detection script on my platform about 2 years ago, surprising it has never failed to detect actual fraudulent calls. On average it is stopping and blocking calls within 2 minutes of them occurring. This is the kind of thing users should be demanding from their ITSP.

    Limiting losses to prepay balance is a cop-out by the ITSP IMO.

    In my experience trying to contact admins of compromised systems at 3AM Sunday morning is a fruitless exercise.

    I would also echo Tim’s comments as a minimum setup requirement.

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