Voicemail is for the dead – discuss

I had a meeting with some guys yesterday afternoon to discuss their use of Microsoft Lync in different businesses. More of that anon but one thing that stuck in my mind was a quote by Paul Hardy of Informa:

“Voicemail is for the dead”

He is right. Why use voicemail then you have so many other direct means of communication. My daughter hates voicemail because it means she has to call up to retrieve it. We have been trained never to leave her voicemails. Instead I usually resort to sending an sms or more likely an IM on Facebook. She usually then replies with her availability. I do find it funny that I have to schedule telephone calls with my daughter buy hey, we all have busy lives:)

We don’t let our customer care teams at Timico have voicemail – customers need to speak to someone, not a mailbox.

As I write I have remembered I need to change my own mobile voicemail from the “vacation alert” it currently has. I am no longer on holiday you see :) . Might think about switching it off…

Whaddaya think?

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6 thoughts on “Openreach – it’s all noise

  1. Phil Veale says:

    My FTTC install happened in December 2011. It didn’t work properly for quite a few days, with the Openreach Engineer (same one each time, fortunately) eventually telling me that all the cabling in my area was Aluminium and the pair I was on was not actually a ‘pair’ (as in a nice balanced pair of wires twisted together) but two wires from two other pairs (oh joy). In the end it all stabilised but it won’t do any more than 36Mbps. Still, this is Ample for most people (including me).

  2. pctech says:

    If FTTP monthly charges were the same as ADSL I’d take it up right away.

    It would be (insert supplier name here)’s interest as it would cut down on the copper content of the network a fair bit.

  3. Somerset says:

    How many people know what their connection and/or speedtest speed is or even how to find it? Does the Infinity router show the connection speed?

  4. Well there’s always FTTP on Demand (FoD) Tref, why not just adopt that once it becomes available? Granted it’s not exactly the most affordable option but at least you’d be able to have a truly fibre optic broadband link.

  5. Finch Read says:

    Getting the xDSL frequency’s into SIN349 has been a personal crusade Trefor since I joined Zen, the fact the OTA and Ofcom don’t back this more fully and even worse UKGOV has parcelled off the protection of the frequency spectrum to a random part of the BBC with no powers, means it is pure miracle xDSL works as well as it does.

    As an Industry I’m hoping as VDSL is about a ‘billion’ times more sensitive to interference that we can get some movement on this over next couple of years I will be championing this again with Openreach at the next available opportunity.

  6. Trefor Davies tref says:

    Mark – I will once it is available in my patch.
    Somerset – I get it from our management systems but something tells me that you can also see it on your router.

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