Reliable broadband…Just How Important is It? – #godigital2013

reliable broadband

Importance of reliable broadband – video interview

Pinched this off YouTube – it’s a quickfire interview I did at the onlincolnshire #godigital2013 conference

I’m talking about how mission critical reliable broadband is these days and how you plan for problems.

You know it makes sense…

PS In the vid I’m wearing my new sports jacket – Harris Tweed. As the winter continues it vicious bite it makes a lorra lorra sense

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  1. Tref I loved the you tube recommend video shown after yours – Double Your Internet Speed for Free – with over 6 million views – its amazing what some people will try ๐Ÿ˜‰!

    PS im using your Lord Trick just in case you start calling me, to sell me double speed internet!

  2. Trefor Davies tref

    I do a nice line in ermine if you ever need something your Lordship ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. pctech

    Something really needs to be done about the ridiculous copper price and the trouble it’s causing.

    It seems some people are mad enough to saw through electric transmission wire carrying 11000 volts just to try to get at it.

    Maybe the solution is more fibre optic connections and burying the power cable 9 foot deep

  4. Trefor Davies tref

    I wonder if it’s possible to correlate the number of thefts of BT lines with the world price of copper – someone out there must have this vital data.

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