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Is there a Lord Trefor Davies in the house?

I’ve recently discovered a wonderful way to avoid nuisance sales calls. A lot of these calls come as a result of visiting trade shows. You have to hand over your contact details to be allowed in and over the years I’ve been to a lot of trade shows.

The last few I’ve signed up for I’ve used the title Lord or Reverend, for a laugh really and partly out of admiration for the Rev Adrian Kennard over at AAISP.

After the first time I used these titles I’d turn up in the office the following week and Verity our receptionist would say “you had three or four calls for “Lord Trefor Davies”. It was an Eureka moment. Now whenever Verity gets a call for Lord Davies she understands the game and tells them I’m in a meeting (at the House of Lords maybe 🙂  ).

Now it’s become a regular bit of fun for us after a trade show. Simples. I’ve ruined it now though because if all of you start doing the same thing the game will be up.

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8 replies on “Is there a Lord Trefor Davies in the house?”

You can always try President Davies, The Right Honourable Mr Davies, Davina Mccall Davies etc. etc. every time they cotton on to the previous one 😉

Verity should tell the caller you’re in a meeting at the House of Lords where the topic of nuisance calls is being debated 🙂 .

Anyway it’s a useful tactic for identifying information sources for spam callers and I do something similar. Never used “Lord” though.

I have to fight back the giggles every time someone asks for Reverend or Lord Davies.
Maybe some of the other guys should do it? Would make all the sales calls I get alot more interesting that’s for sure.

I remember having to field cold calls for the illustrious Tref when I worked in Timico Client Services a few years ago… anyone who asked to speak to ‘Tree-four’ was given very short shrift! 😉

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