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STOP Press – how do you manage your FX exposure?

It’s Friday afternoon so I thought I’d show you an email I just received (name deleted to protect the naive and ill prepared):

Good afternoon Trefor

I’ve been directed towards you and I hope you don’t mind me initiating contact with you via this email.

My name is xxx and work for GPSFX as a Treasury and Risk management consultant. My expertise is helping companies develop tailored hedging solutions that have delivered considerable savings and improved management of their FX footprint.

Our expertise is viewing foreign exchange as a form of risk management, looking at exposures at a currency and entity level through: Balance Sheet Hedging, intercompany netting, bank balance reporting, cash flow forecasting and payment processing.

I think it would be beneficial to have an introductory meeting with your company next month.

I’m available on the 13th June after 1pm, can we meet at 2.15pm.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


I looked them up and they do appear to be a genuine business and the guy has a public LinkedIn profile. So it being Friday and me feeling a bit mischievous I’ve told him that the Exec Committee meeting I am at that day should be over by 2.15 if he wants to swing by and buy me a coffee.

His problem is that he is based in Twickenham and I am in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Not only has he not done is research properly re whether I am interested in Foreign Exchange (obv not) but there is no way he can get from Twickenham to Newark in 1hr 15minutes. He will find out soon enough if he replies asking for my address.

STOP Press – he has just asked me whether I’d like a latte or a coffee and do I manage our FX and what is our yearly exposure?

This breaking news story may play out before I finish writing this post and get back to some real work.

Otherwise I’ll keep you posted in the comment stream if there is anything further to report.


Trefor Davies

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2 replies on “STOP Press – how do you manage your FX exposure?”

Hi Tref

Sounds like the classic ” I am in your area and………blah blah” I used to use when trying to put together a sequence of sales calls. He may be available after 1.00 pm but that doesn’t mean he definitely has something to do before then.

I am intrigued to find out if you take up his Foreign Exchange, after all how, much is a European Email worth against a British one??

Definitely. I once had a recruitment consultant tell me he was in North London on Thursday and did I fancy meeting for a coffee. Bit far for him to come to Newark I thought.

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