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Call me thick but I’ve just noticed that gmail comes through far more quickly on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone than it does using chrome on my PC. Obvious really innit?

Suggests a natural evolution towards native applications. Will the Chromebook one day really take the place of the Microsoft PC. In one sense this thinking flies in the face of my predictions that the PC will die off but I guess that this will be a long and agonisingly slow death and there will be room for other plays in the meantime.

Ve shall see.

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In vaguely related news;

“Between 0554 and 1530 Pacific Time today, 29.1% of messages received by Gmail users were delayed. The average (median) delay was just 2.6 seconds, but some mail was more severely delayed. ”

The thing is, IMO that’s an abuse of statistics. No one cares about the Median delay.

Email is like trains. You don’t really care that much if most trains are 3 minutes late, or All trains are 30 seconds late but if one really important train is 2 hours late you’re going to be pissed off.

And so it is with Gmail.

I notice the ping comes on the iphone quite a while before the email appears in my inbox on the laptop.
there again, the ping on the iphone is only the header, if you click on it you still have a few seconds to wait while it loads? using mailbox.
wish I had written this when I first read this post and I could have been your 10,000th comment instead of MikeB who is now immortalised forever in your hall of fame…

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