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Trains to get faster internet connectivity #networkrail

Internet access on trains to be upgraded by 2014

My auntie told me today that the rail network is upgrading its wireless internet access or at least it will have done by 2019. I’ve mentioned the rubbish connectivity on trains more than once – here and here for example. I’m a bit of an expert because I spend so much time on the train between the office in Newark and London.

Apparently we are going to get 50Megs which is a big uplift on the pathetic 2 Meg we have to share out amongst the whole train today.

The BBC news item tells us that apparently “A new fibre optic network should be capable of handling up to 192,000 gigabit per second (Gbit/s) of data once the upgrade is complete in June 2014.” Pretty advanced stuff a 192Terabit per second network (no quibbling over definitions of what is a Terabit please).  I wonder which router they are going to use? Perhaps someone from Network Rail could get in touch and I’ll do a blog post on the subject.

Internet access on trains. Can’t wait. Ciao bebe.

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Unless it is just a typo, perhaps marketing figures for a bundle of 96 fibres with 2Tbps optical equipment on either end? (Or, perhaps more likely, 24 fibres with 80x100G systems.)

They should also consider –

– Trains running on time
– Trains not being overcrowded leaving people stood the whole journey when they have just paid £150 return or worst a monthly season ticket when 85% of journey’s are spent sitting on the floor on the way home at night
– Banning people who reserve multiple seats on multiple trains
– Cleaner trains or at least ones that do not smell like a tramps vest
– A fairer pricing structure and one that does not require a second mortgage to be taken out just to get you to work

Whats the bets we lose our free 15 minutes of internet when this new service comes in? 🙂


Yep –

For example – take the 07:05 from NNG to KGX and in coach D you will find six seats reserved from Peterborough all under the same name, everyday of the week. I forget the surname now that is printed on the tickets that sit in head rests. It is known on this train that no one will get on at Peterborough to sit in the seats.

Whilst “hot seating” (the art of sitting in a reserved seat that is not yours, until someone comes along who seat it is) from KGX one night. A man sat in the seat next to me confessed that he reserved seats on the 17:35, 18:03 and 18:30 in case he was late due to meetings, tubes or various delays one can experience whilst dashing through the capital on the way to the station.

BE. 😉

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