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Test dictated blog post

Just using the word press plugins for android to see if I can dictate a blog post . I am not making any manual modifications to this post other than blok delete if the spelling is wildly adrift . It would be quite useful if I could work out how to do a carriage return for a space .  other than that it is quite usable . I am lying on the city watching the news at 10 . !?, not bad I dictated does .  return return should work for a new paragraph but it doesn’t seem too. New line new paragraph return return this is almost poetry but it certainly isn’t doing a carriage return. I find that if I speak clearly it recognises what I’m saying for better. It’s obvious really. Now I’m going to try speaking welsh. 213 boob size. I’m not gonna tell you what that was meant to be. If you speak welsh you might be able to work it out. Of course 1 of the problems with this dictation is the teacher annoyed everybody else in the room. Especially my wife who is trying to listen to the news. Better go. Check out baby.

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

Liver of life, father of four, CTO of, writer, poet,

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For some reason that size read sais comment came out as coming from nige dlh. It wasn’t him it was me. Something went wrong with WordPress there. Nige – if you had left a different comment that I somehow overwrote sorry & can you please leave it again? If not don’t worry 🙂

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