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Samsung Chromebook test #3 – writing presentations

samsung chromebookIs the Samsung Chromebook any good for creating presentations? I’m about to find out. I have one to finish and am now off out to London for a couple of days – IPExpo and a dinner in Westminster ce soir. I also have to finish a presentation I’m doing next week on behalf of NewNet so it needs to be done whilst travelling.

I have my old Dell laptop out but the weight difference between it and the Chromebook is making it a no brainer. The Dell stays at home. I guess it is possible to buy thin, light laptops but not at £229.

I’ve moved the original presentation, started using Microsoft, onto my Drive. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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One reply on “Samsung Chromebook test #3 – writing presentations”

Hmm Houston. I seem to be able to view powerpoints but not do anything else with them. Searching suggests that Google can convert the ppt to a usable format but the actual user interface would not appear to correlate with what the Google help says is possible.

Unless I come up with something I may have to wait until I get back to the office to finish this off. There is a scenario where the process is influenced by the connectivity available. The format conversion happens on a Google server somewhere.

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