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Got a question for you. Is it cheaper to eat lots of carrots so that you can sit at home on a dark winter’s night without having to switch the lights on or is it cheaper to pay for the electricity?

I think for the purposes of this debate one has to assume that the consumption of an adequate amount of carrots really does allow you to see in the dark.

Obviously the amount of carrots that need eating for it to work will be different for different people so you will have to make some assumptions. The best answer wins a pair of tickets to the sold out xmas bash in London on 12th December.

As Confucious said “It is better to eat one small carrot than to sit alone in the darkness”.

It’s true…

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Tesco everyday carrots £0.45 per kg, 1750 kJ per kg. 3600 kJ per kWh so ~2 kg carrots per kWh.

Cost of carrots per kWh = £0.90, so cheaper to use electricity as energy source by a factor of about 8 even ignoring the drying cost of the carrot.

I know it doesn’t answer the question 😉

Phil – you can’t just look at the pure empirical power data. You also need to consider the health effects of eating lots of carrots and also the carbon footprint benefits of not using electricity – unless of course the carrots are imported from Chile.

I really enjoy eating carrots as an accompaniment to a nice roast leg of Lamb, a Beef joint or even in Shepherd’s Pie (made with Beef Steak mince not Lamb) or in Carrot cake.

Here’s a better idea to save your wallet and carbon footprint and wear on your eyes if the whole carrots help you see in the dark idea turns out to be an urban myth (which I think it is personally)

Switch off your TV, PC, notebook, Chromebook, tablet or whatever, turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Can’t do that? If it’s early enough you could always switch every unnecessary thing in your house off and head off down your local watering hole thus reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills too as you are sharing the light and warmth until they call time of course then you could go home and sleep.

Ok pctech, lots of useful inputs here. I will add a few of my own in response.

Yes I think carrots go well with those dishes too and I don’t mind a adding leeks, peas or a bit of lightly steamed cabbage. I’ve never understood the concept of carrot cake but yes it does seem to work.

Now the problem with switching all your stuff off and going to sleep is that it might be far too early and you may not even be tired and thus unable to doze off. Even if you do you will wake up far too early and be faced with the same problem.

I’m completely on the page with the watering hole suggestion at which point any concerns over carbon footprint go out the door as well.

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