Bit of news – Trefor Davies to leave Timico at Christmas

Bit of news for you. Friday 20th December will be my last day working at Timico.

What’s going on do I hear you say? Nothing untoward. You may know that I was one of the founding directors of Timico and in the ten great years since we started the business we have taken it from four people in the stable block of a country house (it’s true – ask me about it when next we meet) to a nationally known communications provider with 244 staff at four different locations in the UK. In that time we have made 7 or so acquisitions. It’s been an interesting place to be.

Timico now has many thousands of customers including some listed in the FTSE100 – amongst the largest businesses in the country.

Timico is going great guns and we now have a terrific set of operational managers who are well qualified to take the business on to new heights. This is very satisfying on a personal level but I now also find myself wanting to move on to achieve other things.

For the past few years I have been writing this blog and despite it being somewhat of a hobby have seen a steady growth in its readership. My immediate plans are to make the blog more of a full time activity and to turn it into a business in its own right.

Although will be physically located in offices at the campus of the University of Lincoln it is going to be a fully automated and fully internet based business. No paper. Maybe not even a phone number. Who needs a phone number when you can do a Google Hangout or Skype or just a mention on Twitter?

There is a new universe out there that is totally unexplored. The New World before Columbus sailed West. Will I sail over the edge? Well who knows but I can tell you that I’m going to cast off from the known world and go exploring. The new world of the web is a bit like a map of Africa before anyone entered the interior – at this point in time all we have is an idea of what is around the edges.

One of my first steps will be to find a developer who can work with me. Developers are the ship-builders of the new world. If you are a developer and are  interested in chatting about this please get in touch. No Recruitment Agencies please. It’s going to be a fun place to work with interesting personal development opportunities and the chance to make some money.

In the meantime I will be with Timico up until Christmas. If you are a customer, supplier, member of staff or someone I have dealt with in the industry I would be happy to discuss my plans. In particular the message to Timico customers is that I remain a shareholder in the business and you can be assured that your services are in good hands. Timico staff should also feel confident that they are working for a growing business that is going places and will provide them with great career opportunities. There will in any case be an ongoing relationship between Timico and You know it makes sense.

If you want to keep in touch follow me @tref on Twitter or keep reading this blog:)

Ciao, bebe…

PS for Timico staff in Newark I’ll be buying the drinks in a pub (spot tbc) somewhere in Newark at lunchtime on Friday 20th Dec – you are all welcome to join me:)

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  1. Sometimes it’s the right time to move on and do something different, however much you still get satisfaction out of what you do. Good luck taking this “full time”…

  2. Those ‘SkimWords’ must be working well for you!

    Good luck with your new venture 🙂

  3. Steve Davis

    Good luck Tref – hope to see you for a beer sometime soon.

  4. Gary Hough

    Top bloke in an industry that needs more like you not less.
    All the very best of wishes and good luck in your new ventures Tref.

  5. Terry Hughes

    Good Luck Trefor !!

  6. Best of luck pal – i am sure i will see you in Waitrose now and again. 😉

  7. Good Luck Tref! I will keep an eye on things as they develop!

  8. Umar Bajwa

    All the very best Tref! Look forward to following you, I imagine the next 10 years are going to be even more exciting than the last 10!

  9. Lindsey Annison Lindsey Annison

    The best New World explorer there could be! Happy sailing. Wish I was a developer, exciting times.

  10. Good luck Tref – keep in touch as those pastures grow greener! Seriously though, a change is as good as a rest and you will soon wonder where all that free time went 😉

    Very best wishes


  11. Good luck Tref. Will be watching your adventures with interest and support.

  12. Good luck in whatever your new venture ends up looking like. If you need any advice/recommendations on Open Source tools just holler.

  13. Make sure you have a few good meals before you leave 😉

    Bon chance, matelot

  14. Bryn Morgan

    All the very best of luck Tref! Looking forward to seeing you at this years bash…

  15. Chris Brandrick

    Best of luck Tref.

  16. Tom Jeffries

    Good luck Tref! I’ll follow developments with interest 🙂

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