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Job Vacancy – WordPress Developer for based in Lincoln is a technology blog that is widely read by techies in the internet networking and hosting industries. For the last 5 years the site has operated as a non-commercial vehicle and has built up a base of regular readers and commenters. attracts over 40k page views a month is linked to from some serious web properties such as the BBC, the guardian and the telegraph.

As of January 2014 is changing to be a revenue generating start-up with big plans. Part of these plans include stepping up the rate of content generation but equally important is the underlying WordPress technology platform of the blog.

We want to invest a serious amount of time and effort into the technical capabilities of This isn’t going to be “just another WordPress blog”. is going to be a leader.  A leader in technical content and a leader in the adoption/showcasing of internet marketing social media and communications capabilities. The business is going to be totally web based. No paper, maybe not even a phone number – why not just use Google Hangouts and Skype for example. We will need to integrate CRM, billing, advertising engines, a finance package, social media platforms – the list is almost certainly a lot longer.

To do this the first employee of is going to be a developer. You need to be a geek with ambition. The rewards will be considerable in line with the success of the business and with your own effectiveness.

LAMP experience and specifically WordPress is pretty much a given but the successful candidate will likely be able to turn their hand to lots of different areas of technology. This is going to be a job where you will grow your own capabilities. There is an initial task list but this is all about innovative development and thinking. There is going to be plenty of scope for you to suggest new projects for the site.

The job is going to be based at the offices in the Sparkhouse business incubator unit at the University of Lincoln Brayford Campus. We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible in 2014.

You can get in touch using the following media:

Twitter @tref

email [email protected]

Google Hangout +trefor


Required skills:

  • WordPress, themes, plugins

  • PHP / MySQL (3+ years preferred)

  • Solid understanding of LAMP stack

  • OO & Framework experience (Zend, Symfony, CI etc)

  • HTML (inc HTML 5 and CSS 2.0, 3.0)
Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

Liver of life, father of four, CTO of, writer, poet,

3 replies on “Job Vacancy – WordPress Developer for based in Lincoln”

Hi Trefor

I’m really not sure you need to be looking for an in-house WP developer, since in my experience it is the sort of thing that specialist developers handle best as an outsourced project-based activity, saving you the cost of employing someone specifically for this task. Certainly as you get started with it may be excessive to have an in-house developer.

There is a brilliant WordPress developer I use called Dave Wikinson ( who is inexpensive, quick and very accurate. You supply him with designs and and he will find the right plug-ins and widgets to make the theme he develops, work beautifully for you. He then goes on to support the theme and extend its capabilities as required. He’s based in North Yorkshire and I am in Oxfordshire and we have never met, but that’s not a problem for a good freelancer.

Worth contacting surely.


Thanks Hugo but on this occasion I am totally happy that I need an in house developer. It isn’t a question of cash. It’s question of competitive advantage and investment in the capability of the website. I want to have continuous development and improvement. The person who gets this job is going to make a lot of money out of it but the flipside is that I will also expect him or her to work all the hours under the sun purely for It isn’t a question of choosing the best plugins. To win in the online search engine game we need to be innovative, we need to do stuff that nobody else does. we need to have capabilities that attract people to the site and to read the content. This is going to be an exciting opportunity for someone with talent and imagination. This is a Lincoln based job. I accept that in today’s connected world it is possible to work without ever meeting your collaborators. However in the Lincoln Sparkhouse offices we will be bouncing ideas off each other. We will be going out to lunch, eating pizza late into the evening, going to the pub, drinking beers and talking shop.

Employee #1 is going to be a developer. Employee #2 will be an editorial type but that will be sometime in 2014. If you are reading this, live in the Lincoln area or are prepared to move and the prospect of a bit of action excites you then you need to get in touch.


As a footnote/additional comment I have actually got a web designer lined up to refresh the basic site over the Christmas period. I’m looking for someone to take it to the next level after that.

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