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Vodafone mobile outage UK

Vodafone_outageGetting reports of a country wide outage for Vodafone. You can see the number of complaints rising here (or click on the screenshot from if that page has moved on).

Vodafone on Twitter are saying

Vodafone Help AU @VodafoneAU_Help

@samtibbits We’ve got our guys working on an outage there as we speak. You can keep up with the progress here: ^AA

I’m glad I’m not in the Network Operations game any more. When something like this happens the brown stuff hits the fan big time. All customer facing members of staff get it in the neck and the pressure is transmitted to the engineering teams.

If you search “Vodafone outage” on Twitter that gets you lots of reactions.

It seems that no matter how much resilience you build into a network there is always scope for something to go wrong.

PS Just checked – that Vodafone Twitter account is for Australia – could be a global outage except that the tweet is 2 days old 🙂 The mind boggles. Global DDOS attack on Vodafone? Almost certainly not but I’m going to leave it in for effect:)

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Ouch. We have to have our own resilience? Do we rely too much on our suppliers? In the old days the phones could be off for a long time but we managed, nowadays we don’t manage half as well. Maybe we should always keep some carrier pigeons in the back garden or go back to smoke signals? or keep an old phone with a pay as you go sim? or utilise wifi viop mobile phones a bit more?

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