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Book royalties starting to flood in

In other news royalties from book sales have started to flood in. You may recall that last year I published a book – “The Abandoned Sandy Shoe and Other Chinks in the Curtains of Life“. The first print run sold out in a shot and now online sales have started to kick in.

This morning I was informed by my bank that a total of £11.22 had been credited to my account. This is thrilling news because it it brings forward the break even date but a fairly significant percentage. 1% of infinity is a long time.

The power of the world wide web and ecommerce eh? I don’t have a breakdown of where the sales come from. I’m sure it wasn’t my mum because I gave her a free copy – as you do. Made my sisters pay though. Business is business.

Thanks to everyone for your support  and if you know a friend who reads poetry send them my way.

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