Annoying Facebook ads

annoying_facebook_adsFacebook gets more annoying. Today I note the adverts presented for my eager consumption and click through.

I am not interested in finding attractive women for men over fifty, especially when in the photo they look as if they are the same age as my daughter.

Moreover I am happy enough with my teeth and I already have a driving instructor lined up for kid 3 when he turns 17 (same one as successfully did kids 1 & 2).

If anyone is interested in crowdsourcing a spec for an alternative social media platform that can replace Facebook without the privacy concerns of Facebook stay in touch.

Also I reckon for a learner driver to only cost £2 a day extra it would have to be a 100cc car and the learner would have to be in their fifties -which considering the target demographic for the other ads is probably not far off being right.

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