Manbag for a network engineer

Ever wanted a manbag? Something cool you can sling over your arm when you’re on your way to the data centre? Something that will attract the attention of your fellow engineers?

adrian_gpo_smallLook no further. Here for your delight and delectation is an original GPO engineer’s kitbag.

Original real leather with handy compartments for tools and spare relays/connectors the GPO manbag of 2014 is suitable for carrying a laptop together with your jimjams for that overnight stay in the Docklands Travelodge.

This superb retro man accessory is modelled by BT’s biggest fan, Adrian Kennard of AAISP. Click on the image to see the lad looking super cool.

Want one? Ask Adrian. They are probably like rocking horse poo but I’m sure Adrian will let you have a go at holding his. He’s just that kind of guy.

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6 thoughts on “Annoying Facebook ads

  1. Lindsey Annison Lindsey Annison says:

    Try Zurker. Bit geeky but quite fun and definitely not ad-driven as it is funded by users buying shares.

  2. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

    I did try Zurker but didn’t find it intuitive.

  3. Tim Bray says:

    Are you going to remove the fb share icons from your blog then?

  4. Dan says:

    Merely having lots of users is not an indicator of value. These American websites are hyped and overvalued by those that being them public. The original investors have their out now and the sheep masses that use them are becoming bored. The fact that you get shown cheap tacky adverts just reinforces the quality of their audience.

  5. Trefor Davies Trefor Davies says:

    I will review that suggestion. You have to understand the context. The fact is that ad revenues are linked to visitors to a website. The more visitors you have, even if they come from zombie like sites such as facebook the more money you make. We all have our price. :)

  6. Tim Bray says:

    I know. It was a bit tongue in cheek :)

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