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Contact Convergence Confusion – sorry Mark Williams – one of you had to go

trefor_thumbYou will all of course have read the post about transferring the contacts database from my personal gmail account to my one.

Well now slight issuettes are starting to come out of the woodwork. Sent Kid 3 a text yesterday. He was on his way to visit Kid 2 in Durham so I just said “have a good time” or words to that effect. I got a reply suggesting I had the wrong number.

I looked at his profile on my phone and there are indeed two people’s details assigned to that contact. What’s more their names are totally different. It’s not as if I had two people called Kid 3 in my phone (that’s not what I have him down as obvs).

Then later yesterday I was meeting Mark Williams of Obihai for a beer in Kings Cross. I looked up his number in my phone but the profile picture was not him. It was another Mark Williams – looks as if it has come from Google+.

This is a bit of a pain in the arse. I now don’t know how many other contact details are affected.

I tried to edit the contact whilst we were in the pub but connectivity was uber slow – thats when it hits home that the contacts aren’t actually stored on the phone.

So now this morning I’ve deleted the references to Mark Williams (Google+) from the Mark Williams (Obihai) contact profile. Sorry Mark Williams but one of you had to go.

Time will tell how much of an issue this will be.

The curse of the mailing list post here.

All the best now…

Trefor Davies

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