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Yellow pages officially declared dead

yellow pagesThe powers that run the Davies household (ie Mrs Davies) have officially declared both the Yellow Pages and the BT Telephone Directory dead.

The two tomes, grown increasingly lightweight in recent years, now reside in the log basket next the fireplace in readiness for further processing as the scrunched up bits of paper you use to start lighting a fire.

No remorse, no wistful gazing over the shoulder as we leave the room. The publications served a purpose and enjoyed their long day. Now they are of no use to us. Technology has consigned the printing press to a museum curiosity. What would Gutenberg have to say? “Alle Dinge geschehen, eh?”.

Whomsoever decideth where to deliver these publications have my permission to remove the Davies’ from their list and save the trees. They are no longer required.

Read here about “Yellow Pages Shock“.

Thank you and goodnight… the sound of the telephone going dead at the other end of the line…

Trefor Davies

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