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News around the world as it happens on #explosion116

Whiling away the time on Twitter end route from Manc to Linc and spotted this tweet:

Liz Kreutz ‏@Liz_Kreutz  14s

RT @madebyjuan: On my way to work and then BOOM! Building explosion collapse on 116th. NYC #explosion116

I clicked on the link to get a better look at the photo and found an interesting insight into how news journalism works these days.

Chris Kitching ‏@chriskitching  2m

@madebyjuan Hello. I’m a journalist with @CP24, a TV station in Toronto. Can we use your photo?

Dorrine Mendoza ‏@AssignmentDesk1  46s

@madebyjuan Juan, are you in a safe place? Can you talk to CNN about what you’re seeing?

Looks like a bit of action going down in New York City and it’s been picked up on twitter by the media. I wonder if they just have a column looking for “newsworthy” keywords such as, in this case, “explosion”.

Interesting how it works innit?

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3 replies on “News around the world as it happens on #explosion116”

Already a lot of tweets using #explosion116 . So far they all just say there’s been an explosion. That’s not good enough. We need more detail, in depth stuff and we need it now!

Interesting how many requests he got from media companies wanting to use his picture. I’m guessing this was a snap taken on his phone.

This is a good demonstration of how the quality of the photo is second to the timeliness. If he’d had with him a “serious” DSLR he would have had to have done a lot of preparation to be in a position to upload a “high quality” image in a timely manner. Most casual DSLR users I know don’t have instant WiFi Internet upload from their cameras, and when they do upload images to the Internet it’s from their desktop computer, hours, days or weeks later.

Chase Jarvis said “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” Perhaps he should add “…and connected to the Internet.”

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