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Twitter highlights international nature of #MWC2014

trefor_thumbAlthough we are engrossed in our own language version of life the one thing that has struck me regarding #MWC2014 is the totally international nature of it. We see all the reporting through the websites we use to access such things. However it’s only when you look at the twitter stream for the #MWC2014 hashtag that you really get to see the global nature of the event.

The tweets below represent about a seconds worth of the #MWC2014 stream. Lots of different languages and even more countries. The only thing that is missing here is a real time google translate function within twitter. The sites linked to would be easy as you could invoke the translation for each one as you landed on it.

No oriental languages in view which may tell us something. I was going to suggest that Mobile World (apart from Korea, China and Japan) could be more appropriate but these countries are certainly represented by manufacturers at the show if not by users of Twitter. It would probably be possible to analyse regional market interest in particular devices by who is reporting what from which country.

It is noticeable looking at some other tweets that people are making a point of telling us they are about to enter MWC which hearkens back to a point I was making yesterday. You going to #MWC2014?

gurujeet @gurujeet212

#MWC2014: Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to band-aid on social media – The Times of India…

Przemysław Pająk @przemekspider

#MWC2014: Samsung potwierdza – będzie druga wersja smartfona Galaxy S 5 =>

Nerea Nieto @nereanieto

Genial artículo de @limonmecanic: Nuestra prueba express del Samsung Galaxy S5 en el #MWC2014… #computerhoymwc #mwc14

Andrea Sommer @andreasommer

Good morning from #MWC2014. Here is a picture of a flying drone. #thefutureisnow #RethinkApps

Android Advices @androidadvices

Samsung Galaxy S5 Photos Leaked Before Unpacked Event – Finger Scanner & Heart Rate Sensor… #GalaxyS5 #MWC2014

Loud Frog @iwsloudfrog

#NokiaX : Nokia’s First Android-Based Budget Phones #MWC2014

michele ficara  ♛ @micheleficara

#MWC2014 Mobile World Congress Zuckerberg si candida a sistema operativo della… #assodigitale #breakingnews

Elsa Bembaron @ElsaBembaron

BlackBerry Unveils New Flagship BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Designed to Deliver the Full Classic QWERTY Experience #MWC2014

Hans Lõugas @hanskan

Tallinn-Barcelona rännaku rendez-vous punkt näib olevat Frankfurt. Keegi isegi ei unista, et saaks otse TLL-BRC lennata. #MWC2014

قروبات واتس أب @Tech_Easily

رسمياً بلاك بيري تكشف عن هاتف BlackBerry Z3 بسعر 200$ فقط #MWC2014

PS I assume that everyone is ok with me reusing their content. Would have been a faff if I had to ask each tweeter.

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It’s also worth noting that the sheer volume of tweets using the #MWC2014 hashtag certainly invite a rethink on the usefulness of such a hashtag. There is so much information there that its only value is to show how much interest there is. You have to start using data mining techniques and big data to go further.

Lack of Oriental languages is probably more down to the fact that Twitter is not as popular as Weibo. I signed up to it yesterday to see if I could track down MWC info from precisely that audience. It was huge fun but unproductive; despite trying multiple translators, there are just too many languages there too!

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