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Wood store finished – live coverage of the woodpile at the bottom of the garden

Le wood store est fini, as they say in Cannes. It’s the sort of thing they drop into dinner table conversation at A List get-togethers on the Riviera. It’s a while since I’ve been. What with not owning a villa in the South of France and all.

In Cannes they would be talking about the fact that Jean Claude1 has finished the job. He is a treasure. You didn’t think they did it themselves do you? Plays havoc with your hands. Anyway it’s about having the time to do it, and the inclination.

Here in Lincoln it’s a different game. We build wood stores ourselves in Lincoln. It’s a matter of pride. Mind you no point in rushing it. It’s a job that has been needing doing for years. These things need careful consideration. Planning is all important. My mate Terry has been doing his bathroom for the last 25 years. Rush a job and do it twice, as the old saying goes.

The wood store is now finished, though the wood has not all been moved into the protection of its confines. That could be a job for another day. The video takes you on a guided tour of the wood store and its surrounding areas. In it you will see the wood store itself, the pile of wood in the space next to it that has yet to be moved, much of which is rubbish and should be consigned to a bonfire, and the pile2 of smaller bits of wood that I think will serve well as kindling. The latter occupies the space that is officially the compost heap but which in recent years has fallen into disuse, largely due to the remnants of tree piled up on top of it.

The place officially known as the compost heap has been designated as the site of the soon to be ordered metal shed. The metal shed is going to replace the playhouse as the overwinter repositry of garden furniture. The playhouse was not originally procured for this purpose, rather as somewhere the children could happily while away their weekends and summer holidays playing mummies and daddies or simlar.

This original purpose was lost to the kids as they grew and became more interested in the X-Box and other latter day diversions. This year it suits our purpose to remove the playhouse so that the patio area on which it stands can be used as a basketball court. You know it makes sense.

The furniture, as previously mentioned is moving to the (planned) metal shed. There is one thing worth mentioning in respect of the metal shed, apart from the fact that it is going to need a base, and that is that every review I have read on the subject stressed the two man two days nature of the project. I’m not sure I am totally comfortable with this concept and may be looking to outsource the job. Jean Claude! Jean Claude!! Can you hear me Jean Claude??

Now watch the vid:

PS the playhouse may be seen in this earlier post which also includes a view over the allotments

PPS The title of this post may be somewhat misleading. The video coverage is not live. It was live when I recorded it but now it is on YouTube and no longer so. Apologies are proffered if that has caused an element of unrewarded expectation when proceeding to read the post. That’s the way it goes. Soz.

1 Le jardinier
2 The keen eyed reader may have noticed the repeated use of the word pile in this post. This is not down to non optimal use of English. The intention rather is to reinforce the fact that in this post we are talking about wood piles and wood stores.

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