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chrome_logo_headerLook out for a series of posts on the Chromebook this week. You may recall I bought an Acer Chromebook last week to complement my Samsung. The idea was that I’d have one in the office where the main sign-on is the Google Apps for business account and one at home where I used my personal account to log in.

I’d then not need to carry a bag into town when I walk to work. Freeeedom. Friday was the first day in which this was put into operation. This was a specially useful day for the freedom to kick in as I met some mates for beers after work and then headed to the Lincoln Drill hall where Kid3’s band was headlining the bill in the special Drill Hall tenth anniversary concert. The last thing I needed was to have to cart a bag around.

Today I find that the bagless society has not completely arrived as I have to carry the carrier bag with the packup so lovingly prepared for me by Mrs Davies. I’ve also found that due to circumstances totally within my control I’ve ended up with the logons arse about tit1. The Acer machine, which is at home has the business logon and the Samsung at work has the personal one. Will sort that out later.

It has been an interesting experience getting to grip with the fact that the machine logged on to the business accounts has had services denied to it that are easily accessible by the personal machine. This is a good demo of the strength of the Google Apps service where a business is concerned.

More on all this later after I’ve climbed on Shanks’ Pony and hit the road to the office.

Hasta la vista amigos.

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PS It’s a beautiful sunny day. Yu need to be walking to work on a day like this.

1 That’s now blocked by all the consumer ISP porn fiters.

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