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Second Hand HP Chromebook for sale £199.99 !

CashConverters in Lincoln are selling a second hand HP Chromebook for £199.99.
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Caught my eye in the window as I was walking home from work yesterday. Second hand Chromebook for two hundred quid?! When you consider that I paid £180 in VAT for the Acer Chromebook I’m using to type this post makes you wonder how clued up the management at CashConverters are about this sort of thing.

I suppose they are offering easy terms.

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I’ve been struck by this as well at Cash Converters and similar stores. One near me called CEX, deals in gadgets, DVDs and console games, that sort of thing.

They have so much old tech for sale at prices for new stuff, sometimes far exceeding the cost of new stuff.

I just cannot understand the business model.

One possible thought, when you’re trading in your old tat they offer you X in cash or maybe 1.3X in in-store credit.

Maybe they keep the prices high on all that tech for the people with the store credit to splunge it on.

I really have no idea though.

Perhaps the business model is to take money off the foolish. If you don’t know what a Chromebook is that might look like a nice present for your grandchild / niece at a good price.

With 30% of people not using the internet there’s a lot of ignorance out there to be harvested by the cunning.

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