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eye_664Visit to the opticians last week and this picture caught my eye, so to speak. It does have a partner but I thought one image would be enough. I was just sat there having satisfactorily read GHUTDF1 in very small font when Annabelle the optician popped this up on the screen giving me a clean bill of health.

“Oo can I have a copy of that please”. One click (per pic/eye) and it was on its way to me. Pretty amazing what is “connected”  these days.

It’s a good job my prescription hasn’t changed. My eye sight is so bad the lenses cost a fortune for them to be not the thickness of jam jar bases, especially since I had to have varifocals!!!  I had always thought that my short sightedness would begin to correct itself as I got older and my near vision deteriorated as it inevitably seems to do with age. I was wrong.

Never mind. Worse things happen at sea. For example ships can be enveloped in the tentacles of a giant octopus and dragged down to the inky depths. Alternatively the ship2 could be lost inside the Bermuda triangle, disappearing without trace leaving no clue as to its fate. Both those are a lot worse than wearing varifocals. You have to agree. Bit random mind you.

Also a bit random is that today looks like being a good day to put the roofing felt on the shed. Many of you will have followed the progress of the shed in previous posts. Well today it should get finished and be ready to accept the garden furniture, its designated fate. Fotos will inevitably phollow.

Ciao Amigos…

1 I don’t remember the actual letters. These are random examples of what the letters might have been. It was an eye test not a memory test, which I would have failed 🙂
2 Highly unlikely to be the same ship. Would have been very lucky to have been rescued from that octopus, unless the octopus happened to be the cause of the disappearance within the Bermuda triangle which is possible, I suppose.

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