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Campaign for 3 day weekends – sign the petition

Campaign to make 3 day weekends permanent – petition

Another bank holiday yay with another chill out day in prospect. May have a bit of a potter this morning, game of golf this afternoon and finish off with a bbq. You might have something different in mind but by and large it’s all about enjoying yourself (the one exception being if you join the traffic jam to the coast).

It occurs to me that from around the end of April every weekend should officially be a 3 day weekend. Makes a lot of sense for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a good idea – people prefer holidays to working.
  2. A 4 day working week has the benefit that 4 is an even number. People working half days could have the option to work two full days instead of every morning or afternoon.
  3. It would make your annual leave allowance stretch further – have more opportunities to only have to use 4 days up to get 9 days off.
  4. It’s nicer to have time off in the summer.
  5. Transport networks get really clogged as people set off for a weekend away on a bank holiday. By effectively making every weekend a bank holiday people would not feel obliged to rush off and join a traffic jam as their weekends away would probably be more spread out.
  6. It would stimulate the economy be generating more bbq and misc gardening equipment associated sales.
  7. Ice cream vendors would also do well out of it creating even more jobs in this sector.
  8. We would avoid the risk of the few Bank Holiday weekends we do have of becoming a washout as there would be more of them thereby increasing the chance of nice weather.

Simples really. I may have missed one or two key points in my reasoning but feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment which in this instance is also how you sign the petition. Once we have 100,000 comments we will hand it to the prime minister for action. After all we are only a year away from a general election and he will be in a mood to do popular stuff.

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, to make every weekend a Bank Holiday weekend starting from the last weekend in April and ending at the end of September when the weather starts to turn. You can do it Dave – you know you want to.

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11 replies on “Campaign for 3 day weekends – sign the petition”

Excellent… economic boost as more spending time… also as we never really fully switch off it’s more quality thinking time so perhaps fewer impetuous (and stupid) decision… think twice act once.

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