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  1. Trefor Davies
  2. Kory Kessel


  1. The only odd thing about that gearbox, really, is that there’s no “Park”. The RND layout and shift to the left for semi auto sequential control is pretty standard, has been for years.

  2. I think were this not a bank holiday it would get far more comments from the geeks that read this blog. There is yet time 🙂

  3. Phil, I have not owned or shopped for a car in quite a long time (well over a decade, in fact), so I am about as far from being an expert as a licensed driver can be. That said, seldom do three weeks go by without me signing some rental car contract or other, and this weekend was the first time I have ever seen a beastly transmission and/or gearshift layout such as the one I encountered this past weekend.

    What really had my head spinning was the whole concept of pushing the gearshift forward to go backwards (and vice-versa). Private giggles galore, that brought, I tell you!

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