Ever been to a Pissup In A Brewery? Well we at trefor.net like to let our hair down and this summer are having a BBQ with a difference. It is indeed a “Pissup In A Brewery”, sponsored by LONAP and  located at Dan Lowe’s Fourpure brewery in South Bermondsey, just 5 minutes from London Bridge.

Folk that have been to #trefbash events will not want to miss this. Get your tickets ere (Roll up, roll up roll up.) Scroll down for more information & lookout for some free ticket competitions over the next week or two.

We can start with a ticket for whoever can describe the best drinking game they have ever taken part in. My decision is final, I may award more than one prize and it may well be that the winner is drawn out of a proverbial hat (blessed are the cheesemakers or words to that effect).

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  1. I did a Where Eagles Dare game once- a shot every time Clint Eastwood shoots someone, a half pint whenever Richard Burton says ‘Broadsword calling danny boy’ and down a spiritmixer whenever someone clicks their heels or there’s an unnecessary explosion 😉

  2. Pub Golf is great for a pub crawl.
    You have to sink 9 pints in the fewest amounts of gulps. I’ve known some guys to do it in 9 x hole in ones!. You through in a few wild cards as well. Personally my pub golf game was a good as my real golf game so I always came last.

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