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Will the real Dee Camfield please step forward

dee camfieldSometimes you gotta laugh. Got a friend request on Facebook from Dee Camfield. Who? Dee Camfield?

I took a look. Dee is from Chepstow but studied management at Korea University.  An unusual combination I think you will agree. Dee only has two Facebook  friends which is a bit of a shame. It can be a lonely life studying management at Korea University whilst living in Chepstow.

Dee is a little confused really. In her profile picture she looks quite lovely but she only recently changed it from the one in the second screenshot. Seems to have had a sex change. A big improvement if you ask me.

There is only one post in her timeline:

처음으로 facebook에 글을 남겨 봅니다. 2월 19일 수요일

For those of you not conversant with the Korean lingo (and I know it does take some time to master) it means “First, try to leave posts on facebook. Wednesday February 19”.

I didn’t accept her (his?) friend request. She’s (he’s?) not my type really. Sorry Dee.  Maybe Dee is a real person?! I’d say looks a bit dodgy. dee camfield old profile picI don’t know what made Dee choose me. Perhaps she has a computer that runs a script and is working her way through Facebook. The fact that only two mugs people seem to have accepted the friend request suggests that Dee needs to go back to scam school and do a bit more studying. Fair play.

In the meantime some of us have a jobs list to get on with. It is the weekend you know.

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