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The Tesco Baked Bean expose part II – 44% increase in baked beans pricing

Hot on the heels my first Tesco baked beans pricing expose (6 tins or 4 – best buys) I have more news. Further investigative journalism reveals that the buggers have now dropped the price of a fourpack to two quid whilst upping the six pack from two fifty to three sixty. wossatallaboutwtf?

Having lulled us into thinking that two fifty was the standard pricing for the sixpack they have now stuck it with a whopping forty four percent increase. So you can now either pay fifty pence for a can of beans or sixty!  They must think their customers are total morons. It is also intuitive to assume that a bigger pack will be cheaper than the smaller pack. They are taking advantage of that type of thinking.

It must come as no surprise that Tesco profits are in decline if they are messing about with prices like this. It leads to loss of faith and trust in the brand.

That’s all.

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baked beans
baked beans
baked beans
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One reply on “The Tesco Baked Bean expose part II – 44% increase in baked beans pricing”

Tref, how true. I like it when they put weights and measures of the same products in different units of measurement. Buying beer and comparing light years to pints!!

It will come as no surprise to you that I wrote to Tesco last year about how their poor results are linked to their approach to customers. With a large family, our spend for supermarkets is high and for some reason I felt compelled to tell them why we had stopped buying our main shop from them.

Back in the day my first business had worked for Tesco, doing the early online shopping and a few other projects. So I thought I would give then my views.

I feel that they have got too clever with their selling, the ruthless efficiency, the organisation of stores to make me buy things and the manipulation of pricing that makes feel dirty whenever I buy them.

I said they needed to make the brave move to become honest again and ditch fake offers. Plus, why do they not become the first supermarket that uses technology to communicate and highlight the best deal. When buying online you have to search every size of beans on offer then use your calculator to work out which is the best value. Why can they not do this for me? They have a computer running the website that could do it for me like a traditional old school shopkeeper would have done back before mercenaries took over.

I got the best reply. A standard corporate message about caring for customers and thanking me for my ideas.

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