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Deleted plugins

Deleted plugins amassed over 6 years of blogging

Just deleted 33 plugins. These deleted plugins were amassed over 6 years of blogging. I didn’t need any of them. The new site still contains too many plugins but they were expedient in getting us up and running with the new design.

Over the next few months we will be changing how works under the bonnet. This will be done in tandem with a few other projects that will hit the aether between now and Christmas (aargh only 163 shopping days until Christmas & I haven’t even booked a summer holiday yet!). Most plugins will go. Chief Developer Rob writes his own code instead. In the meantime there are a few niggles we will have to smooth over and a few features we will want slipping in. More on all this anon.

I just wanted to share with you the list of deleted plugins. I just deleted 33 of them. Took a metaphoric scythe to the software, pushed the red button and it was gone. The button wasn’t really red but it should have been.

Many of the deleted plugins came with various themes I’ve used over the years. None of the ones in the list were active and just cluttered up the site. It was especially annoying that I had to occasionally update them even though they weren’t being used. “Hello Dolly” came with the original installation of WordPress and I’ve never used it. Just kept it for old times’ sake. I’m a bit of a softie really. Also Hello Dolly is one of my fave jazz numbers.

As I sign off from this post I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the plugin developers listed below for their support over the years. If we ever get to meet up there is a beer in it for you:)

That’s all folks.

Hasta la vista baby!

Deleted Plugins

You are about to remove the following plugins:

  • All-in-One Event Calendar by by Network Inc. (will also delete its data)
  • Comment Rating by Bob King
  • Easy Twitter Links by Josh Jones
  • Hello Dolly by Matt Mullenweg
  • IPv4 Exhaustion Counter by Geert Hauwaerts
  • Light Social by Alden Torres
  • OmniGallery by ColorLabs & Company
  • PHPlist by Jesse Heap
  • Polldaddy Polls & Ratings by Automattic, Inc.
  • Register Plus by Skullbit
  • Share Buttons by AddToAny by AddToAny
  • Simple 301 Redirects by Scott Nellé
  • Simple Twitter Connect – Base by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Comments by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Follow Button Widget by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Followers Widget by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Linkify by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Login by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Publish by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Tweet Button by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – TweetMeme Button by Otto (will also delete its data)
  • STC – Twitter Dashboard by John Bloch – Avendi Media, Inc. (will also delete its data)
  • Social Sharing Toolkit by linksalpha
  • TwitterComments by <a href=””>Kyle Peterson</a>
  • W3 Total Cache by Frederick Townes
  • Widget Twitter VJCK by V.J.Catkick
  • WordPress Importer by wordpressdotorg
  • WordTwit Twitter Plugin by BraveNewCode
  • WP Photo Album Plus by J.N. Breetvelt a.k.a OpaJaap
  • WP Super Cache by Donncha O Caoimh (will also delete its data)
  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin by BraveNewCode Inc.

Are you sure you wish to delete these files and data?


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