Telco musical chairs with O2 as the prize.

When the music stops…

So the latest, as far as I can gather, is as follows:

BT are buying EE and not O2

Sky and TalkTalk are now interested in buying O2 with a rumour that so are Liberty Global (Virgin). Hutchinson (3) were also rumoured a couple of days ago to be interested.

Vodafone are interested in buying Liberty Global

Either the Voda/Virgin talks are not going well or Virge are playing games in an effort to push the price up.

Whatever happens when the music stops it looks like O2 are toast. Doesn’t make sense to me for O2 to be bought by another mobile operator so I’d say the Hutchinson thing is a non-starter unless they are daft enough to be the high bidder by a significant margin.

I’m an O2 customer btw. Innerestin.


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